How to Study For PTE 79? Top 4 Tips For Success

Posted on 17/01/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

As PTE 79 indicates extremely competent English levels, it is understandable why many learners consider it their ultimate goal with the PTE exam.

With such an impressive score in their profiles, most students do not have to worry about their future university or college entry.

Seeking an Australian visa for both short- and long-term stays will also be straightforward. How to study for a 79, though, is a different story.

To help address some common difficulties, our specialist team from PTE Magic has conducted thorough research and interviews with 100+ successful candidates.

Below are their tried-and-true tips during preparation; keep scrolling to learn more!


What Is PTE 79? What Can We Use It For?

pte 79

Many Australian universities list PTE scores of 55 to 65 as their minimum entry requirements. Hence, with a total score of 79, you clearly can access much more options than most average students. 

Furthermore, a PTE 79 also offers golden opportunities to sign up for different types of Australian visas and receive all the follow-up benefits. 

Visa 189

A case in point is Visa 189, a permanent residency visa aimed at skilled workers not sponsored by an employer or family member. 

With this visa, you can work anywhere in Australia indefinitely – an ideal choice among those seeking a fresh start or career opportunities.

Permanent residency aside, you can also: 

  • Access Australia’s public healthcare system
  • Bring your spouse and dependent children to live in Australia with you
  • Apply for Australian citizenship after meeting the required residency and other eligibility criteria. 

Visa 190

Another widely common option is Visa 190. While also considered a pathway to permanent residency in Australia, Visa 190 requires state or territory government nomination. 

That explains why your experience and skills (including English level) must be relevant to their economic needs. 

With this visa, you will get direct access to the following benefits:

  • Permanent residency for your entire family
  • Eligibility to participate in Australia’s Medicare public healthcare system
  • Free tuition for children under 18 (from kindergarten to grade 12) at public schools 
  • The right to apply for Australian citizenship and sponsor your relatives to Australia
  • Freedom to study, start a business, and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely 

How to Study for PTE 79

Tip #1. Have A Good Study Plan

  • Since 79 is quite an ambitious goal, you should divide your preparation into week-wise projects and month-wise goals. We also suggest setting clear objectives for each day with some creative breaks slotted in between.
  • Try to intersect all four skills while preparing. Critical aspects with the biggest influence over your total score (such as Vocabulary) must always be included in your daily sessions.
  • At the last stage of the preparation, spend most of your time practicing questions from previous years’ exams and mock tests on PTE Magic. This strategy allows you to grasp the test format better and formulate a consistent answering pattern.

Tip #2. Extra Tips for Reading

  • Read, read, and read every day to improve your grasp of technical and academic terms. You will likely encounter them a lot during the test.
  • Constantly practice skimming/scanning and summarizing techniques. They help you extract key information efficiently within the time limit.
  • Do not just passively read. Take note, underline important points, and connect information to past knowledge as well.
  • Develop appropriate strategies for each task type. For instance, multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions have negative markings, so consider skipping a question if you are not sure about any option. 

On the other hand, multiple-choice, single-answer questions rely on the usual Correct/Incorrect scoring system, so make sure you do not skip any item. 

Tip #3. Extra Tips for Listening

  • Train your ears every day with TED talks, YouTube clips, and recordings from academic sources. That way, it would be easier to understand diverse accents that might be included in the test.
  • Practice taking concise notes while listening to capture only the key points. Do not get caught up in irrelevant information; instead, just hone your focus on specific facts and figures mentioned. 
  • Predict upcoming information based on keywords and context. 
  • After each listening practice, repeat key points in your own words to test your comprehension.

Tip #4. Extra Tips for Speaking and Writing

  • No repetitive language; try to demonstrate your vocabulary depth for both speaking and writing responses. Again, this could be practiced through daily reading and listening to academic sources, news, podcasts, etc.
  • Structure your spoken and written responses in a logical flow while addressing all aspects of the prompt. Remember to record your speaking for further review. 
  • Grammatically correct sentences are extremely important. You should monitor your grammar usage along with vocabulary build; do not work on them separately.

Is It Possible to Get A PTE 79 in A Week?

Yes, but only for exceptional students with prior language skills or intensive preparation. Otherwise, reaching such a high score usually requires consistent effort and practice over a very long period.

So, in general, we do not recommend aiming for a 79 within one week; you will only set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, realistic goals and sustainable plans that allow for gradual improvements are a much safer bet. 


Our guide has introduced practical preparation tips for a PTE 79 score.

The goal is achievable, but only when students build up their skills gradually and consistently over a long period.  Cramming within a week is unlikely to bring good results unless your English proficiency is already beyond competent.

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