How to Check PTE Score Correctly In 3 Easy Steps

Posted on 11/01/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

We’ve all been there – the wait after the PTE exam stretches like an anxious ocean, each day with a new wave of worry.

In fact, it only takes about 2 to 5 days to receive the test result, so you won’t have to endure that feeling for too long.

Now, let’s see how to check your PTE scores in this short guide by PTE Magic!


3 Steps to Check PTE Scores

3 Steps to Check PTE Scores Easily

How To Check The Score

Step 1. Right after the score report is ready, Pearson will send you a notification email. Keep checking your email after 2 days from the test.

Step 2. After receiving the email, you can log into the myPTE account that you utilized to book the exam.

Step 3. You can access the report after signing in. Then, it’s up to you to share the result or save it for later use.

How To Search For The Score Of A Candidate

What if you want to check the result of a candidate when they haven’t shared the report yet? Follow the 3 simple steps below to search for their score online.

Step 1. Access Your Score On The Pearson Website

To check the test result, you have to access the Score Reports Website. There will be a sign-in portal at the beginning. Log into your account or create a new one if this is your first visit to the site.

After signing in, you will be directed to a search screen to look for your report. Type in the Score Report Code of that candidate, which includes 10 characters. Remember to enter the string correctly, or the website will notify you of invalid codes.

If this code is not available, choose I do not have the Score Report Code This move will take you to a new screen, requiring you to provide the test-taker Registration ID.

After entering either the code or the ID, hit the Find Candidate Scores button.

Step 2. Validate The Score

The score report will then show up on your screen. You can now see the overall score and its breakdown for each component. Other information, like nationality and date of birth, is also displayed.

Scrolling down to the Voice Verification section, you will encounter an audio player that records the introduction part of the candidate. This audio is optional because test-takers can choose to take this part or not. 

Listening to this introduction can help you understand more about the candidate. If you want to download it, select the three-dot symbol on the right and choose Download

Step 3. Export And Share The Score Report

In case you want to download a PDF file of the report, just hit the View PDF button, save, and print the file.

The process of exporting a CSV file is a bit more complicated, but you can easily upload this file to your institution’s information system.

On the search screen, choose Export Data. Then, you need to select criteria for your search, such as the related program or the period you want to check.

After that, choose Export to initiate the search, and the reports will be downloaded automatically as CSV files.

Understand Your Scoring Report

check pte score

Many numbers on the report might leave you overwhelmed. Take it easy, and check out the details one by one:

  • The overall score (on the right side): This number will fall somewhere between 10 to 90 marks, representing your overall performance. Remember that this score is not the average of the four components’ scores.
  • Communicative skills: This section displays the score of each component, including Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

The new format of PTE reports has removed the enabling skills, but you can still check the validity of the test.


It’s easy to check the PTE score with only 3 steps. You can also share the report with other institutions effortlessly. Remember that insights gained from your PTE results are not just numbers. They are gateways to refinement, progress, and success in your future work and study.

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