Understanding The New Color-Coded PTE Scorecard

Posted on 27/06/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

The Pearson PTE Team has decided to apply a new color scheme to its scorecard. Understanding the new color-coded PTE scorecard is necessary for candidates, governments, or institutions to clearly distinguish between PTE tests and verify score reports.

In this short guide, PTE Magic will give you a detailed explanation of the new color changes, and the meaning of each scorecard’s color.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are 4 colors representing 5 versions of the PTE tests for easy recognition.
  • The score reports display the candidate’s speaking, reading, listening, writing, and overall results.
  • You can share your results by using Score Record Code or MyPTE.


What Is The PTE Scorecard?

understanding the new color-coded PTE scorecard

The PTE scorecard is a summary of the examinees’ performances. It displays their score on 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and the overall score. These communicative skills and overall score ranges from 10 to 90.

Each skill will be represented by one color: blue for listening, yellow for reading, gray for speaking, and purple for writing.

The report will show each skill result and its breakdown, showing each skill score in comparison with the overall score. Thus, you’ll understand what skill section you did best and contribute the most to your result.

Below is the general score chart evaluation table to help students understand their level of excellent:

30-36 Limited
36-43 Modest
43-50 Modest
50-58 Competent
58-65 Competent
65-79 Good
70-86 Very good
86-90 Expert


The scorecard will include necessary information about the candidate, such as the test taker’s ID, registration ID, date of birth, gender, country of citizenship, and country of residence. A picture of the test taker will also be displayed in the top left corner.

The test center information, including the country and ID, is at the end of the scorecard. You also will find the test date and its valid date at the bottom right corner. 

Understanding The New Color-Coded PTE Scorecard

Explanation Of The Updates To The PTE Score Reports

Replace The Enabling Skills Section With A Personalized Profile

The report explains how well a candidate performed in the exam. The overall score ranges from 10 to 90, assessing their language ability based on the GSE (Global Scale of English).

It also includes the individual scores for four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Using your Score Record Code or MyPTE, you can easily share your report with your desired institution. 

The Enabling Skills Section has been replaced with a Personalized Profile, where you can find more useful information on your performance and helpful suggestions. 

Instructors and learners can use this report as detailed feedback and improve the result next time if needed. 

Online Skills Profile

This new function is useful for the test takers and their teachers, and it won’t be sent or shared with the institutions that the candidates are aiming for.

This profile will help students understand how well they perform and what skills they need to focus on more to achieve better results. It’s especially useful for students who did not reach their target the first time and want to retake the exam.

Online Skills Profile includes 8 performance aspects:

  • Open Response Writing and Speaking
  • Reproducing Written and Spoken Language
  • Extended Speaking
  • Extended Writing
  • Short Writing
  • Short Speaking
  • Multiple-skill Comprehension
  • Single-skill Comprehension 

The symbols next to each category indicate what skills are assessed, and the blue performance bars show how well candidates perform in each aspect. 

Based on this small analysis, students will understand what they could do better to improve the result and spend more time on it to score higher on the next try.

Personalized Recommendations

A more detailed recommendation for each category will be displayed by simply clicking it.  A drop-down list appears with the skill description and recommendations based on the GSE learning objectives.

Students can use it as a guide to understand their strong and weak points and implement proper studying strategies for better results if they need to attend the exam again.

New Colors In PTE Scorecard

Students will get a report with different presenting colors, depending on the type of test they take. Let’s explore the new color scheme of PTE reports!

  • Turquoise

 The turquoise color represents PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI. PTE Academic UKVI is designed for candidates who want to obtain UK visas and immigrate to the country. 

The scorecard is the same as the other Academic version except for the SELT URN number. The UK Government can use this number to verify your score.

  • Purple

The PTE Online banner is displayed in purple. 

The report includes a note that the examinee has taken the Academic test Online (at home or in an office) instead of in a center. All sections will be displayed as the Academic version.

  • Yellow

Yellow color is assigned for PTE Core. 

PTE Core is appropriate for candidates who want to apply for permanent residency or citizenship in Canada. The reported scores are the same as the Academic version.

  • Coral

If you pass the PTE Home test, your scorecard will be coral. The UK Home Office accepts this version as proof of language proficiency for examinees to achieve work visas, citizenship, or settlement.  

PTE Home is a pass-fail test that only assesses your listening and speaking ability. The scorecard only shows the overall result, PASS or FAIL, without the specific score.

Benefits Of Color-Coding In Simplifying Score Differentiation? 

The specific colors assigned to different versions of the PTE test make the reports instantly recognizable. Therefore, governments or institutions can identify and differentiate effortlessly between the test ranges. 

The new changes in the result report also help examinees know how well they performed on the exam and where their weaknesses need to be improved. This is especially helpful for those who cannot reach their goal for the first time and intend to take the test again. 


Understanding the new color-coded PTE scorecard is useful for both test-takers and institutes. Each color represents a different version of the test, ensuring easy identification at a glance.

All reports include all necessary aspects of examinees’ performance to verify their English competency. Institutes or governments can easily assess candidates’ abilities, and candidates can know where they need to improve.

If you need more information on any PTE test version, contact us for more details!

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