How to Get a PTE 65 Score On Your First Try

Posted on 16/01/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

A PTE 65 demonstrates your high level of English proficiency, allowing you to study at your dream universities or land your ideal job. 

The good news is that anyone can achieve a 65 score on their PTE test with the right study plan and dedication, regardless of their starting point.

Our team at PTE Magic will walk you through all the important steps of the preparation stage and suggest some extra tips down the line.

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What Is PTE 65? What Can We Use It For?

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Millions of students studying abroad in Canada and Australia aim for a PTE score of 65 (Band 7 in IELTS). This result guarantees immediate admission to many esteemed Australian colleges or universities, such as:

  • Monash University
  • The Australian National University
  • UNSW College
  • Macquarie University
  • ECA College of Health Sciences

Furthermore, PTE 65 is one of the primary criteria for nursing registries in many English-speaking nations, including Australia. The same applies to Australian PR visas, where 65 (or sometimes even higher) is the minimum PTE score required.

In recent years, many skilled workers have planned to move to Australia under a company or territory/state government sponsorship. A high PTE score would be of help, earning you migration points to apply for a visa afterward:

  • With a PTE 65, you will get 10 points
  • PTE 79 gives you 20 points

Other common Australian visas that might require PTE 65 include:

  • Visa 190: for people with Australian-prioritizing occupations
  • Visa 491: for skilled workers working and residing in Australia for a short period.

Is It Difficult to Get A PTE 65 Score?

As discussed earlier, most PTE tests are designed for immigration or academic purposes. Therefore, all question items are meant to classify candidates with varying English abilities. 

Since 65 is considered good/extremely competitive on the overall PTE scale, scoring a 65 is challenging for average students. Basic understanding is not enough. You will need a great command of grammar, vocabulary, and fluency to excel in all sections.

As difficult as it is, getting a 65 is not impossible. Many achieve this goal despite a relatively short preparation period, some even succeeding on their first try.

How To Get A PTE 65 On Your First Attempt

Tip #1. Neither Overestimate Nor Underestimate Yourself

Before starting a study plan, make sure you understand your current proficiency level. Review the materials and scan through some common practice questions to grasp how the test is structured. 

We also strongly suggest a quick mock test (PTE Magic has lots of these) to determine which aspects you are struggling with.

One common mistake is to overestimate both your skillsets and the time required for preparation. 

Despite not having the faintest idea about the test format, some students schedule their exams in only 1-2 weeks. They are confident their skills will improve quickly during that short period!

From our experience, such hasty decisions only lead to disasters. Yes, we understand everyone wants to complete the test as early as possible. But failing the test and losing your confidence afterward is not worth it.

Tip #2. AI Practice with Immediate Feedback

In recent years, AI technology has been interwoven into numerous work and study applications, and PTE preparation is no exception. 

For instance, some AI-powered scoring systems can analyze your reading speed and vocabulary usage with instant feedback. You can also use AI writing assistants to assess your writing style and overall effectiveness. 

Grammarly is the most familiar and popular tool, but many other options are available at different price ranges.

Another excellent strategy is to rely on AI platforms that can transcribe your speech to provide comments on pronunciation and fluency. HelloTalk and Elsa Speak, for example, are the go-to options for millions of English learners! 

And if you are looking for an AI-based conversation partner to stimulate real-life speaking tasks, mobile apps like Duolingo will be ideal. 

Tip #3. Practice Speaking Amidst Chaos

We strongly recommend a quiet, cozy study corner at the earlier stage of your preparation. But once you get more familiar with the test format, try practicing somewhere else with slightly more distractions. 

Do a quick reading task on the bus, listen to an audio clip at a cafe, or practice your pronunciation in an outdoor park.

The strategy might sound strange, but many students have confirmed it works. Over time, your brain gradually adapts and learns to ignore disruptive background information. 

With a longer attention span, you can now focus entirely on the task and perform at your absolute best.

Tip 4. Time Management Is The Key

None of the above strategies will work in your favor if you spend 20 out of 30 minutes on one item. Place a watch or timer on your desk during each practice session to keep tabs on the time. 

That way, you can confirm all tasks are completed within the specified limit. 

On another note, time management is not your cue to rush through the test. Make sure you understand every instruction and check your answer at least twice before moving on to another question. 

Is This Not Your First Attempt?

Let’s say you scored 49 on your first attempt and wish to improve your skills for a higher score this time. 

First, determine where you lost points in each of the three main sections (Speaking & Writing, Listening, and Reading). From there, you can identify areas that need the most attention. 

And do not forget to reflect on your test experience. Did specific question types give you trouble? Or was it nerves that affected your performance?

With a clearer view of your current issues, you can now allocate more time to practice question types where you scored lower. Most students rely on official sources or quality materials from PTE Magic to improve their targeted skills faster. 

On another note, while focusing on existing weaknesses is important, remember not to neglect other skills. Keep practicing in areas you have already performed well to solidify your strengths for future attempts. 


Getting a PTE 65 is not an easy path. However, with excellent learning strategies (powered by AI tools and trustable sites like PTE Magic) and strong determination, you will eventually get there. As always, write to us if you need more support.

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