How to Prepare Yourself for PTE 50? (A Quick Guide)

Posted on 16/01/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

Most ambitious students aim for high PTE scores.

Nevertheless, a PTE 50 score is pretty good compared to the global average. This score allows you to secure a good spot at some esteemed Australian colleges.

There is no need to spend months or years on preparation. Scoring a 50 on the first try isn’t uncommon and is even considered the norm for some countries.

Today’s guide by PTE Magic will introduce practical tips for first-timers to get a solid 50 without much difficulty. These strategies have been favored by successful students and learners.

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What Is PTE 50? What Can You Use It For?

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PTE 50 equates to Band 6 in the IELTS exam, indicating a decent level of English competency. As a result, this score can help you secure a place in many qualified Australian colleges, such as:

  • Central Queensland University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of Canberra College
  • The University of Newcastle College of International Education
  • SAE Institute

Furthermore, 50 is the minimum PTE score required to apply for one of the most popular Australian visas, Visa 494. 

Visa 494 is designed for skilled workers sponsored by an employer in a designated regional area of Australia.

It would be even less of an issue if you opt for Visa 500 (Student Visa) or Visa 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage), as both only mandate a PTE 36. 

International students applying for Visa 500 can enter and stay in Australia to pursue a full-time registered course of study. On the other hand, Visa 482 supports skilled workers who need to fill temporary skill shortages in multiple occupations nationwide.

Is It Difficult to Get A PTE 50?

No. As mentioned earlier, PTE 50 corresponds to Band 6 in IELTS, signifying an intermediate level of English proficiency. Therefore, as long as you can understand everyday conversations and familiar topics, scoring a 50 should not be challenging.

Furthermore, the PTE format is designed to be adaptive, adjusting the difficulty of the questions based on your previous responses. Hence, for those aiming for a 50, the test items will likely be set at an appropriate level for your current skills.

How to Prepare for PTE 50

Though PTE 50 is a realistic aim for any student with a basic English foundation, that does not mean you should go lackluster with your preparation. As with most other goals, it still requires some effort and strategic approaches on your part. 

1. Target The Right Sections

From our experience, you should zero in on important sections like Describe Image, Summarize Spoken Text, Dictation, Read Aloud, and Retell Lecture.

As they heavily reward fluency, you should develop effective strategies for them through consistent and targeted practice.

How about the remaining sections? You must understand their basic requirements, but there is no need to overinvest time in them. Aim for a foundational understanding, then practice these items within your capacity.

2. Let The Words Flow

As you can have concluded from our first tip, fluency is prioritized over pronunciation for PTE 50. Smooth, confident speaking should be your main focus, even if minor pronunciation errors occur.

The same applies to the Read Aloud task. All you need is to maintain a natural pace and avoid excessive pauses. Do not stress yourself over the pronunciation. 

3. Master The Templates

Tasks like Summarize Spoken Text/Retell Lecture, Describe Images, and even Essays have a structural framework. You should memorize the most important parts to ensure both fluency and clarity in your response. 

After about 1 to 2 weeks, start to adapt these templates to your natural speaking/writing style. Practice using them consistently until they become second nature.

4. Boost Your Score with Easy Wins

Multiple-choice Questions (single answers), Highlight Incorrect Words, Matching Items, and Answer Short Questions are some of the easiest parts of the test. Try to excel in those sections to earn extra points without wasting time and effort.

5. Other Tips

  • No matter how achievable a PTE 50 might seem, you should still take a practice test first. That way, you can gauge your current strengths and weaknesses to tailor your study plan accordingly.
  • Leverage quality PTE materials from PTE’s official website or PTE Magic. Otherwise, practice questions from unreliable sources might not accurately reflect the actual test.
  • Do not study for 16 hours straight on the first day and only 2 hours on the next. Consistent practice is key to building both your skills and confidence in all sections.


There is no need to overwhelm yourself with study materials to achieve a PTE 50. A smart learner only focuses on the most important sections and utilizes given frameworks effectively.

It would help if you also capitalized on instant wins through easy tasks like Matching items or Highlight incorrect words. As always, our inbox welcomes any further questions or suggestions from you.

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