PTE Write From Dictation: Top 10 Helpful Tips And Tricks!

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Unlike many other parts in the listening section, the PTE Write From Dictation assesses your listening skills and writing ability. That’s why it is often regarded as the hardest test, requiring candidates to be proficient in different language aspects. 

However, this challenge will be solved if you have enough knowledge and tips to overcome it.

Are you still looking for them? This article by PTE Magic is a perfect guide for you!

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Get To Know PTE Write From Dictation

PTE Write From Dictation - 10 Helpful Tips And Tricks

The PTE Write From Dictation belongs to the listening test. It is used to assess your ability to listen, remember, and understand a sentence that the recording has played. Your writing skill is also tested because you must write it exactly with the correct spelling after the audio ends. 

Here are some key features of the PTE Write From Dictation that you should pay close attention to. 

  • Before each recording, you will be guided on how to do this test via the instructions on audio. 
  • The recording lasts between 3 and 5 seconds, being played once only, so you must take note of some important words carefully. 
  • The new audio will automatically start after 7 seconds after the previous one comes to an end. 
  • The system of partial scoring is applicable to the test. That means if all of the typed words are long enough and correct, given the grammar, coherence, and spelling, you will receive a maximum score. If one of them is incorrect, you still get lower points. 
  • You must answer 3 to 4 questions in the PTE Write From Dictation part. 

5 Technical Approaches To The PTE Write From Dictation

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Below are five essential aspects of this test you should know. 


No one has the same strategy, as different people have their own suitable ones. Finding a proper method that suits your timetable and language ability is advisable. 

It’s really bad if you take the test without any feasible strategies from the beginning. Here is a recommended summary of key strategies for you to consider: 

Before you listen

  • Mentally prepare by staying calm and taking a deep breath. Worries could affect your performance greatly. 
  • Place your cursor in the response box to prepare for typing after the audio ends. 

While you are listening

  • Focus on the grammatical segmentation. In other words, you must recognize the sentence’s subject, verb, and tense (present, past, present perfect, etc.). 
  • 100% focus on the audio to capture what it says. Then, you’d better type your answer into the response box instantly in order not to forget. If not, you could note some important words. 

After you have listened

  • Proofread your sentence to check whether you use the wrong verbs or incorrect tenses. 
  • Ensure your sentence is correct according to several criteria, like spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, capitalization, etc.


Echoing is another proposed approach when doing this test. As the name suggests, you are advised to think of the sentence repeatedly while typing it on the screen. 

This way makes your memory of the sentence more vivid and alive within your mind. Like a musical tune, suppose you remember the melody; you will likely form a general perception of a song in your head. 

Some people even say they could concentrate better on the test if they close their eyes and repeat the sentence while listening to the radio. 


A sentence could include numerous words but only about 2 to 3 chunks. In other words, the chunk is a group of related words that combine to form a meaningful sentence. 

Of course, it is easier to remember the chunks rather than words. However, make sure your wording groups are manageable; they should not be too large because you cannot remember all the words. 

There are no rules on how to categorize words into chunks. It depends on you; it would be best to form chunks based on your memory and language proficiency. 

Content Words

Content words include most of the meaning in a sentence. Needless to say, they must be present in your phrase or speech; if not, the sentence does not carry any meaning. 

Focusing on the content words is strongly recommended if you struggle to remember the whole sentence. Then, add the functional grammar to them with the purpose of creating a lexically correct sentence. 


Proofreading is the step of checking the answer you have already typed. If you are too confident about your sentence without proofreading, you will likely make common mistakes, such as grammatical errors, missed vocabulary, etc. 

For instance, suppose your sentence is expressed in the present tense with the subject “he/she/it”; you forget to add the “s/es” to the main verb. This is a typical grammatical mistake; you don’t get any points due to this fault.  

10 Tips To Improve Your Score In PTE Write From Dictation 

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Following are the ten comprehensive tips and tricks that numerous candidates have applied and succeeded in. Take them and practice!

Always Get Ready To Listen, Write, Or Type Your Sentence

You must mentally prepare for the test. Just relax and calm down; be ready to actively engage with the recording so you can avoid being too stressed and don’t hear anything. 

Besides, you could prepare your electronic pencil to note words down in the scratchpad. For someone using a laptop or computer, place your hands on the keyboard to type them. 

Determine Your Method Before The Audio Begins

You must decide whether typing or writing first is suitable. After the audio ends, you can use the keyboard to type the sentence directly. If you are more careful, note content words down first before typing the answer. 

Listen To The Recording to Comprehend Its Meaning

If you desire to type the whole sentence correctly, you must comprehend the core meaning of the recording. Numerous factors affect your understanding capacity, including the context, speaker’s accents, audio speed, etc. 

Check The Correct Order Of Your Words

The PTE Write From Dictation’s score depends on your answer’s length and logical order. If you arrange words incorrectly, you won’t likely get high scores in this part.  

Review For Spelling Mistakes

Inaccurate spelling is one of the common mistakes in this test. Although you hear the words exactly, there is a likelihood that you mistype them. Consequently, the examiners won’t accept this word so that you won’t get full scores. 

So, always take close notice of the spelling. Whenever you see a new word, speak out and try to spell it.

Pay Close Attention To Grammatical Errors

Grammatical mistakes are also one of the common errors that numerous candidates make. If the sentence is expressed in the past tense, notice whether you should add “ed” to the verb or transform it into an irregular word. 

Type Any Words You Remember If You Cannot Understand The Whole Recording

Suppose you don’t hear anything from the audio; don’t get confused soon, and calm down. Then, based on your memory, type any words that you remember and arrange them into a sentence. Ensure the logical order!

Try To Make A Guess Based On The Context

If you are confused about your answer or one word in the sentence, try to evoke your memory about the recording and determine its context. Link the word to that context to see whether it is sensible. 

Practice Your Listening Daily

You must hear audio, podcasts, or YouTube videos spoken in English daily to improve your listening skills. This forms a habit, and your mind will be immersed in English every day. You’d better choose different content to listen to.  

Enhance Your Typing Skill

Typing plays a pivotal role in the PTE Write From Dictation test. If you take much time typing a sentence, you don’t have time to jot content words down and easily become confused when typing in a hurry. 

PTE Write From Dictation Practices 

To take quality study materials and mock tests, search Google, and you’ll see a load of information. However, choosing reliable sites is more important because the test’s accuracy is ensured.  

The PTE Magic website is a wonderful material site where you can find many helpful tips for the exam. 

The website also assists you in testing your English ability so you are clear about your English proficiency and whether you are ready to take the official exam. 

The Bottom Line

The article has presented 10 comprehensive tips for enhancing your score in the PTE Write From Dictation task. Those tips only prove their effectiveness when you put real effort into practicing for the test. Good luck, and try your best!

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