PTE Summarize Spoken Text: 8 Tips to Get High Scores

Posted on 25/10/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

The PTE summarize spoken text section in the PTE test is not easy as you need to listen to understand the content of a high-level lecture and surmise the main idea with limited words. 

It’s understandable if you get nervous with this task.

However, this article by PTE Magic can help you out with strategic tips to tackle the question with ease.

Let’s scroll down for more!

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Get to Know PTE Summarize Spoken Text

What Is It?

Summarize Spoken Text

In the PTE listening summarize spoken text section, you need to listen to high-level English content, and after listening, you need to produce a summary within 50 to 70 words covering the speech’s main point.

You will listen to 2 or 3 questions of this type; each record lasts 60-90 seconds. After listening, you will have 10 minutes to complete your summarizing answer.


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How Do You Get Scored?

PTE SST includes a maximum of 13 marks for listening and 12 marks for writing. The scoring criteria are form, content, and grammar (including vocabulary and spelling).


You will get:

  • 2 points: if your answer is between 50 to 70 words
  • 1 point: if you summarize less than 50 words or more than 70 words
  • 0 point: if your content is less than 40 words or more than 100 words


You will score:

  • 2 points: if you cover the main idea and support it with key points
  • 0 points: if your content is misinterpreted or irrelevant

Note that if what you summarize is totally off-topic, the computer will not evaluate any other criteria, and you will be marked 0 in the question. 


Grammar scores include punctuation, structure, capital letters, etc. You will get 2 points if you write the answer without grammatical mistakes.

Besides, you should have a relatively wide range of vocabulary to show your understanding of the topic. Avoiding repetition but using synonyms is a way to achieve a high score. And, of course, you need to write the words with correct dictation. 

8 Tips For A Successful PTE Summarize Spoken Text 

pte summarize spoken text

During this section, it’s important to stay focused during the audio to catch and note the main idea and key points. 

Once you’ve completed your answer, double-check it and correct the mistake. 

Also, always keep in mind the 50-70 word limit to achieve the best score.

Stay Focused While Listening

Listening with concentration is the first key to success in the PTE listening summarize spoken text section. Be attentive so that you can understand what the speaker is talking about. 

As you try to comprehend the content, you can link the information with what you have experienced or are familiar with so you can remember it better and longer. 

Plus, you don’t need to remember all the examples, events, or dates given in the lecture because mentioning all the details in your summary may not be necessary. You just need to focus and understand the lecture’s main idea (and supporting points).

Take Good Notes

Taking note technique plays a huge role in this section. You should not (and can not) write down every spoken word. Thus, jot down only the main and important ones. 

You can fasten your white taking by symbolizing some words (but not all) or writing their abbreviation. Ensure that your handwriting is readable. Otherwise, you’ll need to struggle later on.

And remember to start taking notes as soon as the speaker begins speaking to avoid missing important information.

Review Your Notes

Don’t jump into writing immediately after the audio ends. Instead of that, you can review your notes and organize the idea. 

Recall your memory and add to the note more data that you remember but had no time to write it down. Therefore, you can fully deliver the answer in a logical and proper way. 

Stick To The Word Count

To get a full PTE SST score, you must stick to the word limit of 50 to 70 words. If your answer is less than 50 words, try to add more information or repeat a point if possible. 

Vice versa, eliminate not-so-important points or connect some parts to shorten your answer below 70 words. 

Avoid Nonsense Complex Sentences

Complex sentences show your knowledge of English grammar, but it’s not always a good choice. Your answer should sound academic but natural, with proper links between parts and no grammar and spelling mistakes. 

A paragraph with correct spelling and structure should be ensured before using complicated sentences (sometimes unnecessary). In other words, do not compromise your grammar.

Here is the PTE summarize spoken text template for your reference:

The speaker was talking about <main idea>. He first mentioned <key point 1> and <key point 2>. Then, he provided more information on <key point 3>, <key point 4> and <key point5>. In the end, he concluded <key point 6>.

Recheck Your Answer

Once you’ve finished writing, spend at least 2 minutes to check the vocab, spelling, and sentence structure. Many mistakes can be made while writing, such as incorrect punctuation, (coincident) spelling errors, and grammar.

Plus, you should ensure each sentence is logically connected with others so you will get a high score. Thus, don’t rush to submit your answer if you still have time. 

In addition, your content should be related to the speech. Also, don’t add unnecessary details or examples in the answer to avoid excessive words. Therefore, again, double-checking your summary is highly recommended.

Time Management

There seem to be a lot of steps to do in the PTE summarize spoken text section. That’s why you need to master time management and make full use of 10 minutes for each question. 

You can divide the time as follows:

  • 1-2 minutes: read your note
  • 5-6 minutes: write your answer
  • 1-2 minutes: review your summary and correct mistakes 


Practice makes perfect. Don’t worry if you can’t do well for the first few times. Listening to academic audio from various sources can help you improve your skills and vocabulary. 

You can get used to different speaking speeds and accents, thus allowing you to comprehend the content better.

Plus, practice note-taking while listening so you can write faster and enrich your experience by catching the main points and keywords of the speech.

Besides, doing mock tests is also a helpful way. PTE Magic is a good platform where you can find mock tests suitable for your level. 

By practicing with PTE Magic, your skills can be improved quickly but firmly with detailed feedback and suggestions according to your performance. For sure, you’ll feel no stress with our PTE self-study platform. 


The PTE summarize spoken text section is one of the tough challenges in the PTE test. However, with enough practice and proper tactic employment, you will not struggle and can achieve a high score. 

Plus, don’t be nervous and relax during the test. The task is not that intimidating if you’re confident in yourself. Good luck with your preparation and exam!

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