12 PTE Read Aloud Practice Tips And Tricks For Higher Scores

Posted on 21/08/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

The PTE Read Aloud task is an important part of the PTE speaking test, assessing how well you speak and understand English. When you read a passage out loud, it helps examiners see how well you say the words and how fluently you speak. 

But first, you should get insights into the format and the scoring of this part, then learn some tips and tricks to boost your score on the PTE test. Keep scrolling to understand this task better!

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PTE Speaking Read Aloud Format

pte read aloud practice

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Speaking part evaluates your ability to read a short text out loud with proper pronunciation, intonation, and speed.

Here’s the general format of the exam:

  • Preparation Time: At the beginning of the task, you will receive a written text on the computer screen. Then you will have approximately 30-40 seconds to read and comprehend the text. 

During this time, it’s crucial to understand the main ideas, keywords, and the text’s overall structure.

  • Recording Time: After the prep time, the microphone will automatically record, signaling the start of the recording phase. 

You have around half a minute (the exact time may vary) to read the text out loud. Your voice will be recorded during this time.

How Is This PTE Reading Aloud Section Scored?

Content (5 points): You will get 5 points for reading the given text correctly, and all the words should be read in the right order without changing, skipping, or adding any. Making mistakes will take away points from your score.

Oral fluency (5 points): This criterion checks how well you speak without pausing too much, so it’s best to read smoothly as you talk normally. If you read at a steady speed with few stops, you’ll get a better score.

Pronunciation (5 points): Pronouncing words correctly is crucial, and it’s okay if you have an accent. They look at how well you pronounce, from native-like to unrecognizable words.

Pronunciation scoring levels:

The PTE Read Aloud pronunciation scores have different levels. If you get 5 points, it means you sound like a native speaker, which is great. Four points show you’re at an advanced level, and 3 points mean you’re doing well. 

When you get 2 points, your level is intermediate. One point means you do not sound so good, and 0 points mean it doesn’t sound like English at all. 

Oral fluency scoring levels:

Like the pronunciation scoring levels, 5 points mean that your pronunciation is native-like, 4 points mean advanced level and 3 points mean you’re doing good. Two points indicate that you’re in the middle. One point means you’re not talking so much, and 0 points mean you’re having trouble speaking.

The format of the PTE Read Aloud task

PTE Read Aloud Practice Tips From Coaching Experts

Improve Pronunciation

You should pay attention to individual sounds in English that might be challenging to pronounce correctly. Practice tongue placement, lip movement, and vocal cord control to produce accurate sound.

You can utilize a PTE Read Aloud sample to identify words that you find challenging to pronounce. 

It’s also recommended to refer to online pronunciation resources or language learning apps to hear how native speakers pronounce these words.

Enhance Intonation and Stress

Since English has a rhythmic way where some syllables are stressed more than others, learning to recognize them will be significant.

Moreover, emphasizing important words and phrases in the text will add a natural flow to your speech and convey the meaning better.

A good way is to listen to TV shows or films that have native English speakers. Pay attention to their rhythm, intonation, and overall delivery. After that, you can mimic how they speak and their flow.

Expand Vocabulary

Regularly read various PTE reading materials, including newspapers, magazines, academic articles, and fiction. Then, try to understand the meaning of new words within the context of the sentence.

Or else, you can go to PTE Magic and sign up for online courses to receive more learning resources. Exposure to diverse vocabulary will enhance your overall language skills, familiarizing yourself with different words.

Practice Different Text Types

Get used to different texts from various genres, such as news, science, history, and literature. 

Distinctive kinds of writing have distinct structures and language styles, so practicing with diverse content will prepare you for a range of topics.

Record and Review

  • Self-Assessment: Record yourself while reading aloud. Moreover, listen to that recording and identify areas for improvement, such as unclear pronunciation or uneven pacing.

Compare with Native Speakers: Listen to native speakers reading the same text and make a comparison between your pronunciation, stress patterns, and intonation with theirs.

Work on Pauses

You need to learn to recognize and employ pauses at different punctuation marks. For instance, commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation points indicate natural breaks in speech.

Moreover, while pauses are crucial for clarity, avoid excessive delays that disrupt your reading flow.

Emotional Expression and Pitch Variation

Practice the Read Aloud task with PTE Magic

Pay attention to the emotional tone of the text and adjust your pacing and intonation to match the mood of the content. For example, express enthusiasm, seriousness, curiosity, etc., as required by the text.

On top of that, you should vary your pitch while speaking. Monotone speech can be monotonous, so infuse your reading with rises and falls in pitch. 

Focus On Content Understanding

During the preparation period, read the text carefully to comprehend the main idea and key points. This understanding will help you read confidently in the recording phase.

When you fully understand the content, your delivery will surely sound more natural and engaging.

Manage Time

For the best result, use a timer to practice reading aloud within the specified time limit. In addition, gradually adjust your speaking pace to fit the allotted time while maintaining clear pronunciation comfortably.

Repeat Regularly

Regular practice is extremely significant for improvement. You must dedicate a specific time each day to work on the “Read Aloud” task. Over time, you will notice gradual progress in your skills.

Get Feedback

Share your recorded speech with friends, language partners, or tutors. Their feedback can help you identify areas for enhancement that you might not notice by yourself.

Simulate Test Conditions

Practice in a quiet and distraction-free environment similar to the conditions of the test center may help you get used to the pressures of the actual test.

Also, consider the time during all the practice sessions to simulate the real test experience and build comfort with the time constraints.

By incorporating these detailed tips into your routine, you can make yourself ready to excel in the PTE Read Aloud task and other sections.


Mastering the PTE Read Aloud task is achievable, which requires a combination of language skills, including accurate pronunciation, engaging intonation, confident pacing, and effective content delivery.

Therefore, practicing regularly and focusing on the key elements will contribute to successful performance in the task and the overall PTE Speaking section.

With dedication and a strategic approach, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the Read Aloud task and succeed in this Academic exam! Good luck!

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