PTE Highlight Correct Summary: 4 Tips to Ace The Test!

Posted on 25/10/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

PTE Highlight Correct Summary is a task that challenges test-takers to identify the most accurate summary of a spoken passage.

Achieving the highest score in this section requires a combination of listening skills, critical thinking, and effective test-taking methods.

This short guide by PTE Magic will explore valuable tips and techniques to help you get the highest score possible in this task.

By understanding the structure and strategies of this task, you can improve your performance and overall score in the PTE exam.


Structure And Scoring System Of PTE Highlight Correct Summary 

Highlight Correct Summary

The Highlight Correct Summary task is a section of the PTE Listening test. You will listen to a recording that lasts around 30 to 90 seconds. 

Afterward, you’re given a few summaries to choose from, and you need to pick the one that best matches what you heard. You can only listen to the recording once. 

Each answer option may last up to 60 words. Candidates will receive a score of either correct or incorrect (with no credit for wrong answers or no responses).

This task mainly assesses your listening and reading skills instead of writing and speaking abilities. You need to comprehend and analyze the information in the recording to choose the right summary.


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Tips And Tricks For Highlight Correct Summary

Pre-Listening Preparation

There is a 10-second period between each of the 2 sections in the PTE exam. Before the audio starts, this initial period is your chance to scan the available summaries briefly. It helps you gain a quick overview of what’s to come.

However, avoid trying to deduce the correct answer during this time, as it won’t make much sense until you’ve heard the entire passage.

During Listening

  • Train your listening: Practicing your listening skills is important. You need to quickly grasp what the speaker is mainly talking about, what’s worrying them, and the examples or thoughts they use to explain their points. These can help you to choose the main point effectively.
  • Repetition: Pay close attention to repetitions in the audio. When the speaker says the same words or phrases and expresses the same ideas more than once, it usually means those are crucial points.
  • Symbols and clues: Besides the repetition, you should notice any symbols or signals the speaker uses to highlight important ideas. These cues can help you spot key information.
  • Closing summary: Towards the end of the recording, it’s common for the speaker to summarize the main idea. Focus on this part is a wise choice, as it often outlines the intended direction and message of the speaker.
  • Voice changes: Be alert to any changes in the speaker’s voice or intonation during the recording. These variations can provide valuable hints about the content.
  • Focus: The most fundamental rule during a listening test is to stay focused. Clear your mind of distractions and concentrate solely on the audio.
  • Take notes: While listening, it’s essential to jot down the main idea and the supporting points. However, remember that your notes should capture the essence of what’s being said, not a word-for-word transcription.

After Listening

  • Carefully reading: After listening, read the summaries provided with care. This step allows you to compare your notes and understanding with the available options.
  • Elimination: Start the selection process by eliminating any answer options that differ from your notes. However, be careful because there could be a trick in vocabulary. Most English tests use synonyms and antonyms to confuse candidates.
  • Survey and decide: Once you’ve narrowed down the options, survey the remaining answers. Choose the one that best aligns with your notes and overall understanding of the recording.
  • Click “Next”: After making your selection, click “next” to move on to the next question.

General Listening Practice

pte highlight correct summary

It’s best to practice with test questions to enhance your performance in this task. Familiarize yourself with the question format and types of recordings you might encounter.

You can explore various sources, such as podcasts, online radio stations, and international news websites. 

They often feature short audio news pieces. It’s best to choose stories that intrigue you, as this will keep you engaged and motivated.

TED talk is among the best options for you. Regularly listening to these talks and focusing on short segments of 30 to 90 sections could help.

After listening, turn off the recording and write down the main idea. Next, use the provided transcriptions to check your understanding and analyze your performance.

Otherwise, you can practice with mock tests and real question banks at the PTE Magic practice platform. All the questions are based on real tests.

Remember that consistency is key. The more you practice listening, the better you become. You can use study books as a source of listening texts, which can be very helpful.


What Should I Avoid When Doing The Highlight Correct Summary?

One of the most common mistakes is misplacing your cursor. Thus, keep your cursor poised at the beginning of the text and be prepared before the audio starts. It ensures you’re ready to engage as soon as the recording begins. 

Another mistake is hesitating to click. As soon as you recognize an incorrect word. click on it to avoid forgetting the point. 

What Is The Most Difficult Task In PTE Listening?

Writing could be the trickiest part of the PTE test, with reading coming next. Writing is tough because it can affect your reading score, too. Making mistakes in grammar or summarizing text incorrectly can lower your scores in both parts.

Reading is also a challenge, mainly because many questions are about collocations – words that go together. 

Learning these skills takes time, especially if you haven’t been in an English-speaking environment for so long. Thus, writing and reading are the hardest parts for PTE candidates.


In summary, doing well in the PTE Highlight Correct Summary task is important for success on the PTE exam. This part requires you to choose the best spoken or written passage summary quickly. To get better at it, you need to practice regularly.

Listen to various types of spoken English, like podcasts and news, to get used to different accents. Also, work on your reading to understand written summaries. These can help you improve your listening and overall English skills.

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