PTE Introduction: Templates & Tips For an Impressive Start

Posted on 21/07/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

PTE Personal Introduction does not seem to matter much, but it is more vital than you’ve ever thought.

Many training resources skip over this opening task, causing students to neglect it in the PTE Speaking section. They end up awkwardly introducing themselves and lose confidence due to the lack of preparation in advance.

Be aware that the PTE Introduce is the perfect chance to position yourself for a positive evaluation from your preferred school and visa agency.

Let’s make a strong first impression with our PTE Introduction guide below!

(Read our Vietnamese version here)

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What’s the PTE introduction section?

All PTE exams start with a Personal Introduction in the Speaking section. You will have to give a short personal introduction. Pearson will provide several sample questions to help you structure your introduction efficiently.

Once the microphone opens, you will have 25 seconds to think of your speech and prepare. You will have 30 seconds to introduce yourself and make an impression on the admissions officer.

The purpose of Personal Introduction in the PTE test is to check and ensure the microphone and speaker of the computer system operate properly without any technical issues.

This opening recording is used as a voice signature of the candidate to prevent cheating on the PTE exam. You need to say your name to provide proof of legal identity for the test.

Besides, your PTE Introduction will be forwarded to your selected institutions, such as a university, visa office, or immigration agency, for further assessment.

Is this section scored?

personal introduction in pte

 No. PTE Personal Introduction has no score, but it remains crucial.

PTE Personal Introduction recording will be sent to the admissions officers of your applied college or university. It will be one of the determining factors of your language ability besides the PTE certificate. Thus, you must seize the opportunity to set a good first impression.

Moreover, succeeding in your first introduction will boost your confidence through the rest of the Speaking part.

What information will you need to have in your personal introduction?

Introducing yourself may seem easy. However, when someone starts introducing themselves, they may talk in circles due to a lack of proper information structure.

You can answer the sample questions but ensure your introduction covers all your basic information, including:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your country, city, and region
  • Educational background (Highest qualification, previous school)
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Your future goals
  • Why take the PTE test?

Furthermore, you can always include more details to impress admissions officers. For example, if time allows, you can speak more about your hobbies or interests.

A good template you can use for this section

Good morning. My name is [Your name]. I am [Your age] years old. I currently live in [Your city/country].

I graduated from [Your school’s name] with a [Your degree: Diploma, bachelor/master] degree. I am now working at [Company name] as a [Your job title].

I am taking the PTE Exam today to test my English skills and as part of the [Visa requirement/university requirement]. I wish to score high in PTE to pursue [Your goals].

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3 PTE introduction samples

Here are three good PTE self-introduction examples you can use:

Sample 1

Hello, my name is Luna from Vietnam. I’m 24 years old. I graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management in 2021. I’m currently working as a Marketing Executive at Unilever. I’m attempting the PTE so that I may pursue a postgraduate degree in Canada.

Sample 2

Good morning! My name is Emi. I am 30 years old. I come from Japan. Currently, I am a university lecturer. I want to pursue a Ph.D. at Cambridge University – that’s why I appeared in the Pearson English Test today. I’m keen on organizing events and volunteering at my university and community.

Sample 3

Hello, I’m Rahul from India. I hold a Bachelor’s in Information Technology with a focus on Network Security from the University of Delhi.

I’ve been given the chance to work for Exclaim IT in Brisbane, and I plan to migrate there for my future prospects. I’m taking the PTE Academic test as part of my Visa application process.

Other tips for introducing yourself in a PTE test

Structuring a PTE personal introduction is important as it helps set a consistent tone, use correct grammar, and form understandable sentences for the rest of the exam.

Here are extra introduction tips to ensure you deliver a great introduction, boost your spirit, and make an excellent impression:

Practice makes perfect

It’s best to practice your self-introduction at home to avoid mistakes on the exam date.

You can practice speaking in front of a mirror to hone your confidence and tone. Alternatively, you can record yourself and listen to it.

This way, you can review your recordings, identify any mistakes, and correct them until you are satisfied with your personal introduction.

This way, you can review your recordings, identify any mistakes, and fix them until you are satisfied with your personal introduction.

Control your speaking speed and tone

Your speaking should be confident, unforced, and natural. Avoid unnecessary stop or pause while speaking to ensure fluency.

Additionally, speak at a normal speed. Be loud and clear. This will help you convey your speech better.

If you notice a mistake, don’t pause! Continue speaking with confidence to keep your personal introduction as fluent as possible.

Keep your information cohesive and coherent

Your information should be logically organized. All sentences should be related appropriately and naturally.

You can use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to make your introduction more engaging. Do not use unknown or less familiar words.

Be mindful of the time limit

As previously said, you will have 30 seconds to tell about yourself. Thus, ensure you start speaking immediately once you hear the beep sound.

Time management is the key to an effective introduction covering all necessary information. Try to finish your speech before the 30th second. Therefore, your introduction will sound consistent from start to end.


Have you already created your unique PTE Introduction for a smooth test?

Tell the world about yourself with confidence! A great opening will be a great source of motivation for your exam.

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