Best App For PTE Preparation: 8 Reasons to Choose PTE Magic

Posted on 26/02/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

Are you juggling between work and study and having no time to attend a PTE class at a center? A good practice application could be the solution you need, enabling you to practice all 4 skills with just your laptop and a stable Internet connection.

But what is the best app for PTE preparation? If this question has been on your mind, give PTE Magic a try! Building on the success of its training website, the platform has now introduced a convenient application.

Let’s see what it has in store!

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About PTE Magic – A Reliable PTE Practice Web App

Since its debut in 2016, PTE Magic has evolved into a trusted website for PTE participants worldwide. Over 10,000 students from more than 58 countries have come to this platform and go away with a desired score report.

With a remarkable pass rate of over 95%, the platform has received stellar feedback from its candidates, many of whom earned a 70+ score. These achievements are credited to PTE Magic’s inclusive training program and dedicated teachers. 

That said, a busy life might leave many students and workers little room to accommodate their PTE practice plan. To help you fit into your chock-full schedule, PTE Magic has created a handy PTE web app

This application allows you to practice PTE anytime and anywhere while enjoying the same benefits as on the website. Continue reading to explore more about this tool!

About PTE Magic - A Reliable PTE Practice App

8 Reasons Why PTE Magic Is The Best App For PTE Preparation?

best free pte mock test app

One-Stop App With All 4 Skills

Most PTE training programs will only focus on one to two components for the best results. This might take you more time on the path toward your desired score. If you are short on time, PTE Magic could be your trusted ally on this journey.

This web app provides you with an all-rounded practice program encompassing Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each skill is designed with all PTE question types with answers, allowing you to get used to the PTE format.

Gone are the days of overwhelmed PTE classes and courses. All you need to prepare for the test is just 1 tap away!

Both PTE Academic And PTE Core Available

Both PTE Academic And PTE Core Available

Good news for those who want to work or study in Canada! PTE Magic now has included both PTE Academic and PTE Core practice programs. This update ensures the app has something for every PTE candidate.

Since the end of 2023, Pearson has launched a new test named PTE Core. This examination is to assess test-takers’ English proficiency in real life and vocational training. PTE Core is meant for those who wish to apply for a PR visa in Canada. 

Meanwhile, PTE Academic, as its name suggests, is geared toward academic settings and is accepted in many countries, like Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

The distinct purpose of the two tests still brings in some differences in their content. This might leave some confused, but don’t worry. PTE Magic has gone the extra mile to offer practice questions and mock tests for both types. 

Question Bank & Free Practice Questions

Question Bank & Free Practice Questions

Question bank could be the compass that leads any test-taker through the challenges of the PTE exam. That’s why most candidates are willing to pay money to access the bank.

While many websites only offer a limited number of questions, PTE Magic enables you to practice with 8,000+ questions. All of them come with model answers and are reasonably priced, so anyone can get their hands on them.

Even better, the web app also provides a lot of free questions so you can try them out before paying the bill. All you need to do is sign up, and you can access 400 free questions in the blink of an eye. These free materials are also a good way to cram before the exam date. 

Video & Online Training Courses

What if you don’t have time to join PTE classes? No worries! PTE Magic guides you to a shortcut with a 2-hour video course by Head trainer Moni. This is a treasure trove that includes many nowhere-to-be-found tips and tricks to achieve your target quickly.

This PTE practice test software is developed with test-takers of all levels in mind. Even when you’ve just dipped your toes into this exam, this 2-hour video course will have something for you. The training program will be tailored to your current level, ensuring you will get the most out of it. 

The dedicated teachers at PTE Magic promise to provide comprehensive guidance, tips, and tricks. They will support every student in reaching their target score in the fastest way possible. 

The best part is that when you pay for the course, you will unlock all 4 modules, from Speaking, Writing, and Listening to Reading. Expert hacks that will always work for certain question items are available!

Ebook & Free Video Tutorials

Don’t want to spend money on practicing PTE?

PTE Magic has something to offer you – free video tutorials. These videos feature all the guides and tips from insiders to ace the test. You can learn how to get a certain target score or how to avoid some mistakes to optimize your result.

Most of the videos are filmed by the Head trainer – Moni – or other expert trainers at PTE Magic. You can either watch them on its app, website, or YouTube channel.

Another sidekick every PTE candidate wishes to have is the ebook How to Pass PTE in 7 Days. This book serves everything you need for the test, laying the groundwork for the best performance on the exam date.

Mock Tests With AI Scoring

Mock Tests With AI Scoring

Many experts share that you should take several mock tests before sitting the exam to get used to the format and time pressure. And PTE Magic – a free PTE mock test app – will help you with this.

There are both free and paid mock tests available, and the number of free ones will be limited. All the questions stimulate the real PTE exam, so you can check your current level and have a sense of all question items.

After taking the test, your answers will be scored by AI for the most accuracy. The best part is that PTE Magic always updates its sample questions and mock tests based on the latest exams. Therefore, you can practice with the most relevant materials.

Read Aloud Pro Feature

Read Aloud is one of the most challenging question types that requires multiple skills to ace it. To assist you in nailing this task, PTE Magic has taken the lead in introducing the exclusive Read Aloud Pro Speaking feature on its app. 

This advanced feature helps point out your spelling errors and other areas for improvement that can negatively impact your score. Long pauses, improper speaking pace, missing ending sounds, or incorrect word choices are some to name. 

It even goes above and beyond by suggesting missing words and instructing you on how to fill your gaps. Think of it as your private tutor, and let it accompany you on the path to your target.

Pronunciation Practice With ELSA

Pronunciation Practice With ELSA

Regardless of your English level, pronunciation is key to a higher score. And PTE Magic promises to boost your pronunciation to a whole new level. 

Collaborating with ELSA – a world-famous pronunciation app, PTE Magic launched a virtual speaking room. Here is where you can confidently express your ideas without the fear of judgment and receive real-time feedback.

Practicing in this room allows you to hone not only your pronunciation but also your listening, comprehension, and fluency. It’s like killing four birds in one stone!


PTE Magic has proven itself to be the best app for PTE preparation, open to candidates of all levels.

With this browser-based application, you can practice all four PTE skills right from the comfort of your home. From question bank, AI-scored mock tests, and training courses to other pro features, this app has everything for you.

All the trainers are qualified and dedicated, and the fee is incredibly affordable. What are you waiting for? Visit PTE Magic to seal the best deal now!

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Moni PTE Magic

My name is Moni, and I am a seasoned PTE teacher with over 6 years of experience. I have helped thousands of students overcome their struggles and achieve their desired scores. My passion for teaching and dedication to my student’s success drives me to continually improve my teaching methods and provide the best possible support. Join me on this journey toward PTE success!

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