PTE Test Centers: An Updated List

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The Pearson PTE Test of English exam is one of the widely recognized English proficiency tests.

The exam is the top choice for many individuals for work, study abroad, and immigration purposes.

Look no further than this PTE test center list if you are looking for one near you. Moreover, PTE Magic Practice will provide you with a roadmap to becoming an authorized Pearson PTE test center if your business is interested.

Let’s dive in!

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Key takeaways

  • The Pearson PTE Test of English is famous for work, study overseas, and immigration purposes.
  • PTE provides wide convenience in booking exams with over 400 test centers across 117 countries.
  • Individuals and businesses can apply fully online to become Pearson PTE test centers.

What is a PTE test center for?

A PTE test center is responsible for administering and monitoring the PTE exam.

Pearson PTE now provides a testing network of more than 400 test centers in 117 different countries.

Here is a guide to checking the availability of a test center:

  1. Go to the official Pearson PTE website.
  2. Choose the “Check test availability: option from the homepage banner.
  3. Choose the type of exam: PTE-A PTE Academic Availability option.
  4. Enter your country name (or you can use your current location) and check the available test centers, test dates, and times.
  5. Choose a suitable test center based on the available test date and time.
  6. Finally, click “Book” and follow the booking instructions.

Ensure that your chosen test center is the most suitable for your schedule. You can also change the test center if needed.

Popular PTE test centers around the world

pte test centers

As mentioned, Pearson PTE supports a global network of test centers.

We’ve compiled a list of popular PTE test centers worldwide to schedule your next PTE exam. 

This list will help you select the PTE test center most convenient for you to appear and perform your best on exam day.


South Africa

  1. Pearson Holdings South Africa – Cape Town
  2. Pearson Holdings South Africa – Umhlanga
  3. International Business Training College
  4. Language Testing Centre


  1. MUST Test Centre 1
  2. MUST Test Centre 2
  3. MUST Test Centre 3
  4. MUST Test Centre 4


  3. Computer Pride Ltd.


  1. Intake Education (Abuja)
  2. Intake Education (Lagos)
  3. Bellaz Education Services
  4. Emerging Trees Limited

Asia Pacific


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Beijing, China
  2. Pearson Temporary Test Centers-Chongqing
  3. Wuhan Yutian Internet Technology Co., Ltd

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in China here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Mumbai
  2. Pearson Professional Centers-Hyderabad
  3. Pearson Professional Centers-Pune MAH
  4. Pearson Temporary Test Centers-Vadodara

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in India here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-New Delhi
  2. Pearson Professional Centers-Noida
  3. Pearson Professional Centers-Gurugram HAR

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in Nepal here.


  1. Pearson Temporary Test Centers-Lahore
  2. USEFP- Islamabad
  3. USEFP – Lahore

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in Pakistan here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Manila, Philippines
  2. ACE Testing Hub


  1. Sheffield Advisory Services Sdn Bhd
  2. AUG Student Services
  3. Disted College


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Burapha University


  1. EMG Education Ho Chi Minh City
  2. DUC ANH Overseas Study Adv & Translation Co. Ltd.


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Singapore
  2. RELC Examinations Bureau


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Tokyo, Japan
  2. Pearson Professional Centers-Osaka, Japan
  3. Pearson Professional Centers-Shinjuku, Japan

South Korea

  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Seoul, South Korea
  3. Digital Herald Inc.

Australia & New Zealand


  1. Canberra Institute of Technology
  2. PLT at Cliftons Sydney
  3. Pearson Professional Centers-Sydney, Australia
  4. Central Queensland University -Sydney
  5. Navitas English Test Centre- Sydney

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in Australia here.

New Zealand

  1. Massey University
  2. Ara Institute of Canterbury
  3. The University of Auckland

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in New Zealand here.


United Kingdom

  • Pearson Professional Centres-UK Edinburgh
  • Pearson Professional Centres-UK Liverpool
  • Pearson Professional Centres-UK Manchester
  • Pearson Professional Centres-UK Glasgow

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in the United Kingdom here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Berlitz Deutschland GmbH
  3. New Horizons CLC Berlin

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in Germany here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centres-Paris, France


  1. RTS Testing and Language Service SRL
  2. CLA – Univ. degli studi di Napoli Federico II
  3. Pearson Italia SPA


  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Madrid, Spain
  2. Profesional Online


  1. Lexicon IT-Proffs


  1. IT Training Academy

North America

United States

  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Dallas TX
  2. Pearson Professional Centers-Kansas City MO (East)
  3. Pearson Professional Centers-Springfield MO
  4. Pearson Professional Centers-Chicago (Wacker Drive)
  5. Pearson Professional Centers-Atlanta (North) GA

You can find more PTE Academic test centers in the United States here.


  1. Pearson Professional Centres-Edmonton AB
  2. Pearson Professional Centres-Calgary (East) AB
  3. Pearson Professional Centres-Burnaby BC

Note: The above list only includes some popular test centers worldwide. You can get a full list with test center addresses here. Enter your location and find a test center near you.

How to become a Pearson PTE test center?

Many individuals and businesses desire to contribute to expanding the industry’s largest and most reputable network of test centers.

You can conduct and monitor the PTE exam as an approved Pearson PTE test facility. This can help boost your business reputation, retain current students, and attract new customers.

Becoming a Pearson PTE test center is simple. The application and approval processes are conducted fully online and can be done within up to 30 days.

Here are the steps:

  1. Confirm that you meet the facility requirements, including facility requirements; technical requirements; photo/video description, and checklist.
  2. Fill in a no-obligation online application within 15 minutes. Remember to double-check the test center requirements before sending your online application.
  3. Upload photos of your testing location for approval. There is no site visit required.
  4. Set up the testing system. Pearson support service staff will help you during the installment process.
  5. Prepare your test administrator to take the open-book certification test.

Are you ready to become a PTE test center? If yes, click here to apply now.


Have you found a PTE test center most convenient for you? We hope our list of PTE test centers will help you book a PTE exam more quickly and easily.

Contact us if you are struggling with the PTE registration process, PTE preparation, or any other PTE-related issues.

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