PTE Reorder Paragraphs Practice Tips For High Scores

Posted on 04/12/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

The Reorder Paragraphs is a question type in the PTE Reading section that challenges many students.

Understandably, test-takers fail to earn high scores or even skip this part when they are in a tight time frame. These questions require excellent reading, time management skills, and a good sense of logical thinking.

If you are a beginner and feel perplexed about this part, here are 5 Reorder Paragraphs PTE tips from high-scorers that PTE Magic wants to share with you today.

Let’s take a look.


Overview of the Section

As the name implies, the Reorder Paragraphs part requires you to arrange jumbled sentences into the correct order, forming a cohesive paragraph. 

This is to assess your understanding of the cohesion or flow in English in a specific context. Overall, there are about 2 to 3 Reorder Paragraph questions in the test.

At first, you will receive several text boxes, mostly 5,  in a random order on the left side of the screen, each representing a sentence. The total length of the paragraph is about 150 words.

Your job is to drag and drop the provided text boxes in the panel on the right side of the screen in the right order. Otherwise, you can use arrow buttons on the screen to move those sentences vertically or horizontally.

As easy as it may sound, the scoring is quite tricky, as you will not earn any score for only 1 correct sentence. Instead, the system only gives you 1 mark for every 2 correct sentences. For example, if you place 3 sentences in the right sequence, you will receive 2 marks, while 5 correct text boxes equal 4 marks. 

With 2 to 3 questions, you can expect to earn up to 8 to 12 marks in this section.

5 PTE Reading Reorder Paragraph Tips

reorder paragraphs pte tips

Tip 1. Read All The Provided Text

A common blunder of exam candidates is forgetting to read all the sentences from the beginning, thinking that they are short in time. However, reading all the text boxes gives you an overview of the topic and purpose of the paragraph. This way, it’s easier to get the hang of the logic.

Tip 2. Find The Topic Sentence

Every paragraph has a lead sentence that should come out on top. So, the next step is to locate this sentence and put it in the first place. This opening sentence should cover the topic of the text. Some tricks to determine it are:

  • It conveys a full meaning and can stand alone without supporting ideas. It should not state any specific information or action.
  • Most topic sentences don’t come with a subject pronoun, such as she, he, it, they, etc. Words like research or study are unlikely to appear in the first sentence.
  • You should also rule out sentences with transition words like whereas, additionally, therefore, etc., or conjunctions like if, although, unless, etc.

Tip 3. Pay Attention To Linking Words

True to their names, linking words are used to connect sentences. Therefore, spotting these words can help you understand the relationships between sentences.

For instance, a sentence that begins with “therefore” implies a consequence or result, so the preceding one should represent a case or a reason. Meanwhile, if the transition word is “however” or “nevertheless,” the prior sentence should state the opposite idea. 

Tip 4. Understand The Logical Order

The logical order of a paragraph is built on a time sequence, a cause-effect relationship, contrast, etc. You can rely on these relationships to figure out the logic. 

The easiest clue is the time sequence, if any. Rearrange those text boxes in an order of past, present, and future events.

Use Grammar Clues

Besides the linking words mentioned above, other grammar clues can guide you to the right order. Take articles, for example. The use of “a” or “an” indicates that the following subject or topic is introduced, and sentences with “the” should follow after that.

The noun-pronoun relationship is also worth your consideration. Whenever you come across a pronoun like she, he, it, and so on, ask yourself: Who is she/he, and what is it? 

Then, you can easily find what these pronouns represent, and those people or objects should appear first in the paragraph.

Start With Brief Information And Then Details

The hierarchy of a paragraph mostly goes from an introduction, some brief points, and finally, details. We’ve mentioned that the lead sentence is the introduction, so your job is to identify the main points and their supporting ideas. 

5. Experiment And Manage Your Time Effectively

Trials and errors grant you a lot of lessons, potentially leading you to the right answer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different orders and compare the results within the allotted time. 

If the arranged paragraph reads smoothly, you can submit the answer. Otherwise, try to reorder the sentences until you reach a good flow. Remember to review the final paragraph before hitting the submit button.

When confused with one text box, don’t waste your time reading it over and over again. Instead, move to the next sentence or skip to the next question.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Practice

PTE Reorder Paragraph Practice

Reliable grammar and good reading skills are the recipe for high scores. Therefore, there is no better way than practicing the Reorder Paragraph section every day. We recommend reading medium or long paragraphs daily to familiarize yourself with the pattern and flow.

That said, you can’t simply pick a random article on the Internet. Come right to PTE Magic! We represent the most repeated Reorder Paragraphs in PTE so that you can practice with more confidence.

Just create an account, and you can get access to 277 free questions for this section. Unlimited mock tests with an AI-scoring system are also available for paid membership.

If you want a more interactive learning experience, PTE Magic offers online training courses with dedicated and qualified trainers to guide you through the examination with a stellar score.


The 5 Reorder Paragraphs PTE tips above are compiled from high-scorers, ensuring you can confidently ace the test. Grammar and logic are the keys to earning the maximum mark for this part. Additionally, you should not spend too much time on a single question but allocate time evenly to complete the whole section.

Don’t forget to practice daily, and visit PTE Magic for more help!

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