PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips & Tricks

Posted on 04/12/2023 by Moni PTE Magic

Those who want to get admission to universities in other countries or settle abroad have to take part in the PTE exam.

Currently, over 3,000 institutions, colleges, and professional organizations rely on PTE to confirm the English skills of their students.

The test includes 3 sections—Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing, and the PTE Reading section is the hardest. In this section, PTE Reading multiple choice single answer will test your comprehension and analyzation ability in a given text. These are questions with only one answer.

It would help if you answered them exactly and effectively to get a high score on the PTE Reading test.

In what way?

In this guide, PTE Magic will help you with useful tips and practice. 

Let’s take a look.


Overview Of The Section

Starting the PTE Reading test, you must solve the multi-choice questions with a single answer—the first question type of this section. You’d better read the text and then choose the right response. To avoid mistaking, we remind you this guideline only helps you get a good score in the reading section, not including other PTE sections.

By applying your ability to interpret, evaluate, and analyze, you can easily overcome this task. Don’t worry too much because it isn’t over 2 questions, and the text in 300 words doesn’t make you meet many difficulties while doing it.

However, you should pay attention to time management. How much time do you have to complete these questions? It is accurate that you can only finish this task in 1 minute 30 seconds. Either you answered correctly, or your answer is wrong. There is no opportunity for any partial return once you select from among the given responses in the examination.

5 PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips

pte reading multiple choice single answer

Based on our personal experience, we want to share helpful tips so that you can achieve the best score in PTE Reading multiple-choice single answers.

Tip 1: Read the Question Prompt Rather Than The Text

Generally, the candidates first read the text because it helps them understand the content and answer the question well. In fact, they are applying the wrong technique, both wasting time and giving a worse result. 

Reading the question prompt would be best if you took the required focus. Try to determine what it is necessary to answer. Once you know exactly the task related to the author’s opinion, the main idea of the passage, or a specific detail, you can prepare to read properly.

Tip 2: Try to Connect The Question

After seeing the answers quickly, it’s best to connect them with the question. Try to find the relative points between the options and the query. In addition, pay attention to the highlighted keywords, telling you to search for a climate change or indication in Australia, for example.

Tip 3: Read the Text Attentively

Don’t read in a casual way! We advise you to read the entire text fully and derive the central idea. Identify which sentence or paragraph in the text is compatible with the query. 

Tip 4: Eliminate Impossible Answers

There are clearly wrong answers, and you can eliminate them right away. For instance, after reading the text, you figure out that the first and second options aren’t mentioned in the content. The third option is relatively full, while the fourth one is perfect.

Tip 5: Ensure the Exam Time

You can concentrate on your test, but pay attention to the exam time. Do you still remember that you have 1 minute 30 seconds to complete this reading multiple-choice section? Let’s wear a watch to monitor the exam in time. 

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Practice

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Practice

To reach a goal in the PTE Reading, you cannot skip the practice step. You can practice with similar PTE paragraphs or a short paragraph in your favorite book. Try to summarize them in a sentence or find the main idea of these paragraphs.

We recommend you put a clock beside you to ensure your exam is on time. The more you practice, the higher your ability to choose the exact answer will be.


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Final Thought

The PTE Reading multiple choice single answer in your exam should be an easy task to complete. What you need to look for the answers will be in the text, so equipping yourself with knowledge related to the specific subjects isn’t essential. 

Instead, you must know which you must read, how to read, and how to eliminate the impossible options. By pocketing our tips and practicing to read more, make sure that you’ll get the optimal result.

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