List Of PTE Accepted Universities In Australia (Updated)

Posted on 28/03/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

The PTE exam is widely accepted by several universities and colleges in many countries for academic and immigration purposes.

Are you looking to pursue your academic journey in Australia with a PTE score?

Then this guide by PTE Magic will help you out.

Let’s dive in to explore the latest list of PTE-accepted universities in Australia for each course.


Why Is PTE Popular In Australia?

pte accepted universities in australia

Accepted By DHA And Australian Universities

PTE scores are recognized by both the Department of Home Affairs and every university in Australia. Other tests like IELTS and TOEFL may have limited acceptance in certain situations. 

However, with PTE, you can apply for any visa category or university program without any concerns about eligibility.

Automated Format And Bias-Free Evaluation

PTE is known for its convenience because it’s a fully computerized test. Thus, the exam ensures quick and fair scoring results. Unlike IELTS, which may involve a speaking section evaluated by a human examiner, PTE’s format eliminates bias. 

Besides, PTE focuses on conversational English, making it accessible to a wider range of test-takers, leading to higher success rates.

Flexibility And Speed

You can register for the exam on short notice and take it throughout the year without extensive pre-planning. Plus, the results are available within 5-7 days. 

Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for those with sudden plans to study or work in Australia who need proof of English proficiency quickly.

Requirements For PTE Score In Australia

For international students aiming to study in Australia, PTE score requirements vary based on the academic levels:

  • Diploma course: at least 45 (minimum of 36 in each skill).
  • Bachelor’s degree: at least 50 (minimum of 45 in each skill).
  • Graduate Diploma: at least 65 (minimum of 50 in each skill).
  • Master’s degree: at least 65 (minimum of 50 in each skill).

However, candidates who attend at least 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) can be accepted with a minimum score of 36. Also, those who complete 20 weeks of ELICOS can be accepted with a minimum score of 30.

What Are PTE Accepted Universities In Australia?

All universities in Australia, as well as the Australian government for visas, accept PTE scores. Each university may have different minimum score requirements for admission, ranging from PTE 42 to PTE 60 and above. 

This provides opportunities for applicants with any English level. Below is the breakdown of PTE-accepted universities in Australia:

PTE 42 Score 

The PTE minimum 42 score is required for all courses of the below universities and colleges:

  • Deakin College, Melbourne 
  • Griffith College, Southport
  • Danford College
  • International Institute of Business & Information Technology

PTE 50 Score 

Universities Courses
University of Tasmania All courses except for:

  • Master of Finance 
  • Graduate Diploma (financial planning, strategic communications, marketing, professional accounting, business administration)
  • Graduate certificate (protected area planning, professional accounting)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology
  • Master of Pharmacy
Deakin university Programs in the fields of:

  • Education
  • Civil engineering
  • Cyber security
  • Software engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Nutrition Science
  • Arts
  • Criminology
  • International studies
  • Laws
University of Canberra
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Undergraduate Diploma courses
  • Bachelors degree courses
  • Bachelor of Technology courses
  • Bachelor of Business Administration courses
University of the Sunshine Coast Undergraduate courses (including undergraduate Study Abroad and Third Party Program)
The University of Newcastle All courses except for:

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Pharmacy, Medical
  • Law
  • Midwifery, Nursing
  • Postgraduate courses
Swinburne University of Technology
  • Undergraduate courses
Flinders University
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
La Trobe University All courses except for:

  • Nursing
  • Social work
  • Laws, Commerce
  • Psychological, Biomedical Science
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Education
  • Health Information management
  • Postgraduate courses
Victoria University, Melbourne All Bachelor degrees

PTE 58 Score 

Universities Courses
Western Sydney University All courses except for:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Education
  • Doctor/ Master of Philosophy
  • Graduate Diploma Creative Industries
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Finance
  • Graduate Diploma International criminology
Monash University All courses
Curtin University
  • Diploma of Health Sciences (Occupational therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Nursing)
The University of Notre Dame All postgraduate coursework and programs, excluding the exceptions:

  • Master of Philosophy
  • Masters by Research
  • Professional Doctorate
  • Doctor of Philosophy programs
James Cook University All courses
Bond University All courses
University of Tasmania Master of Business Administration  courses
University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Postgraduate coursework (including postgraduate qualifying program, study abroad, and honors)
  • Higher degrees by research (including Master by Research and Doctoral degrees) 
The University of Newcastle
  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Communication
Victoria University, Melbourne
  • Graduate certificates & Diplomas
  • Master degrees
  • Research programs
Swinburne University of Technology
  • Education
  • Law
  • Professional degrees
  • Psychology honors
  • Psychology Science
Flinders University Higher degrees by research
La Trobe University
  • Psychological Science, Biomedical Science (Medical), Rural Health
  • Laws, Commerce
  • Postgraduate courses
RMIT University All courses except for Master of Science courses

PTE Over 60 Score 

Universities Courses Minimum PTE scores
The University of Queensland All courses 64
The University of Sydney Postgraduate  76
Undergraduate 68
All other courses 61
The University of Adelaide All courses 64
UNSW Business School All courses 65
The University of New South Wales All courses 68
RMIT University Master of Science courses 79


What Is The Cost Of The PTE Registration In Australia?

In Australia, the cost of registering for the PTE exam is around 375 USD, including VAT. However, if a candidate books their PTE exam within 48 hours of the test date, they will incur an additional PTE late booking fee.

What Is The Validity Of PTE In Australia?

Although the validity of the PTE test is 2 years, Australia accepts 3 years for the PTE score for permanent residence. The applicants must have taken the test within three years before the date of their application. 


What are PTE-accepted universities in Australia? All colleges and universities in Australia accept the PTE score for admissions. This test helps assess how well students can use English in academic settings. 

So, if you are planning to study in Australia, taking the PTE could be a good option!

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