Is PTE Accepted In the USA? (Everything to Know About)

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PTE is no stranger to language learners, as many universities in several countries, such as Canada, the UK, Australia, etc., use this test to assess their students’ English abilities. But is PTE accepted in the USA?

This article by PTE Magic will provide an exact answer to this query in the following section. Keep scrolling down!


Is PTE Accepted In the USA?

is pte accepted in usa

Yes, the PTE result is widely accepted in the United States thanks to its reliability. Indeed, if you want to get a scholarship in a US university, you should take the PTE, which is one of the entrance requirements. 

But why do you need to take PTE? This is because more than 1,000 colleges and universities in the United States acknowledge PTE scholars, including Yale University, California University, Harvard University, New York University, etc.

Another thing is that PTE helps open great chances for your profession in the USA if you are following an education career path. 

The Test’s Benefits

Below are several advantages that the PTE test brings to you: 

  • Higher education: Numerous colleges and universities in the USA widely recognize the PTE test. Hence, apart from IELTS, this language examination could also be a reliable proof of English language proficiency. 
  • Job opportunities: Many US professional organizations and associations, such as the State Board of Nursing, use the PTE to assess foreigners’ language abilities. So, if you get a high PTE score, your job opportunities are very open. 
  • Flexible schedule: The PTE test provides year-round exam dates. This offers candidates some convenience, as they can arrange their test on a time or date that works for them. 
  • Quick result: The PTE examination delivers fast results. After finishing the test, you only have to wait about 5 days before the result’s instructions are sent via your email. 
  • Multiple test types: PTE also provides varying tests of different levels. They include the PTE Academic test, the PTE General test, and the PTE Academic Online. You can book the exam online for convenience. 
  • Accurate assessment: The PTE test evaluates your English skills comprehensively, including four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. After taking the test and getting the result, you will gain a deeper insight into your language skills.   

The Test Eligibility

Like the PTE test in other nations, the eligibility of the USA PTE test is not very different. 

The PTE test in the United States is open to all candidates, regardless of their nationalities. That means if you are a Canadian foreigner and want to take the test, you can still enroll and take it in the US without any restrictions. 

The PTE Academic test is only accessible to students from 16 years old. Suppose you are from 16 to 18 years old. In that case, you must complete and submit a parental consent form, which is a compulsory prerequisite. 

There is no upper age limit, so you can take the test freely, even if you are in your 30s or 40s now. 

The Requirements

When you go to the test center, remember to bring a current and valid identity proof document, usually a passport.

You are required to follow all the PTE rules during the test-taking time. For instance, you are not allowed to cheat and are banned from using a smartphone.

The Minimum PTE Score For USA Universities (Updated)

The minimum score for the USA ranges from 50 to 70. However, those figures can change depending on your learning purposes. For example, if you aim for a Bachelor’s degree, 50-60 is fine. However, the Master’s degree requires a higher score range, from 55 to 70. 

Suppose you want to pursue a professional career in some aspects, like law, MBA, literature, and medicine. These subjects in various universities and colleges might require a high PTE score of 60-65. 

Particularly, Yale, Prince, Harvard, or any other prestigious universities in the Ivy League may call for an even higher PTE score of 70-75. 

They want to ensure that their students can digest advanced-level information in English. No doubt, getting these universities’ scholarships is such a huge challenge.  

Top 10 Prestigious US Universities Accepting PTE

Harvard University 

To study at Harvard University, you must get a minimum PTE score of 70, equivalent to the IELTS band 7+. Some popular Harvard courses include business administration, law, and computer science.  

Stanford University

Stanford University is no stranger to scholarship hunters, thanks to its prestige and great learning opportunities. Its minimum PTE score is 68, which is two scores lower than Harvard’s. 

Medicine, engineering, and computer science are the top three popular courses at Stanford. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As its name suggests, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is famous for its technology-related courses, such as electrical engineering and computer science. However, if you want to get there, you must reach the minimum PTE score of 65.  

Columbia University

Columbia University offers a variety of courses for students to choose from, including international relations, journalism, film-making, etc. A 68 PTE score is the first challenge that you must overcome to get there. 

Yale University

Yale University is the educational breeding ground for numerous political figures, such as Hillary Clinton and George H. W. Bush. If you want to study at a similar university, you must attain a level-entrance PTE score of 70.   

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is a renowned public research university with multiple campuses and diverse courses, such as economics, public policy, and astrophysics. This university requires a minimum PTE score of 54, much lower than Harvard and Yale University. 

Arizona State University 

Arizona State University is well-known for its academic excellence and research contributions across varying fields, including political science, economics, etc. 

If you want to study in the USA but cannot attend the top universities, Arizona State University might be an ideal option, with a PTE score of 53

The University of Texas at Dallas

Another public research university is the University of Texas at Dallas. Widely known for its great emphasis on business and engineering programs, this educational institution is also recognized for its exemplary academic achievements. Its minimum PTE score is about 67

Cornell University

Like Harvard and Yale, Cornell University is part of the Ivy League, which is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its excellent academic courses and admirable research efforts. If you want to study at this university, a 70 PTE score is the minimum requirement.

Clark University

The final on this list is Clark University, a distinguished education institution renowned for its cutting-edge research initiatives and commitment to fostering academic excellence. To get there, you must attain a minimum PTE score of 53


What Should You Prepare for The PTE Academic USA?

  • It’s advisable to get familiar with the PTE format on the Pearson website or the PTE Magic website, which is an abundant source of practice materials and references. 
  • Delve into the PTE’s target score. This way, you can be aware of your language skills and the amount of hard work you need to get the desired score. 
  • Practice the test daily to be acquainted with the test format. 
  • Pay close attention to the time. If not, you won’t have enough to finish the test. 

What Is The PTE Fee In The USA?

The PTE test in the USA costs between $185 and $275. Remember that you’d better register for the test 48 hours in advance.  


Is PTE accepted in the USA? Yes, and it’s even widely recognized and used by numerous universities and professional organizations. Hence, PTE is really a golden ticket if you want to study abroad or reside in the United States.

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