PTE Academic UKVI: What Is It? What Are the Benefits?

Posted on 28/03/2024 by Moni PTE Magic

The PTE Academic UKVI refers to a certificate that can be used to apply for a visa in the United Kingdom.

Like other PTE test types, it retains its four-part format: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

However, do its legibility and requirements remain the same?

This guide by PTE Magic will give you the answer!


What Should You Know About The PTE Academic UKVI?

pte academic ukvi

First, is PTE accepted in the UK?

The answer is yes.

And the PTE Academic UKVI is a four-skill Secure English Language Test (SELT) that the UK Home Office approves.

Everyone wanting to study and work in the UK must take this test and surpass the minimum score. This ensures that they can understand the language and absorb English information. 

There is no difference between the PTE Academic and PTE UKVI. They still have the four-part format, the same content, and requirements. The minor difference lies in a URN (Unique Reference Number) on the score report that helps you apply for a UK visa.

General Format 

The test wants to assess candidates comprehensively to ensure that they can work and live in an international environment:

  • Listening: This section stretches between 30 and 43 minutes and evaluates the candidate’s comprehension of spoken English. An audio file will play; candidates must listen carefully to complete the answer sheet. 
  • Reading: This part may last about 29 to 30 minutes. It assesses the candidate’s capacity for comprehending English documents and absorbing information.
  • Speaking And Writing: Lasting from 54 to 67 minutes, this section is designed to test two important skills: communication and writing. More specifically, it evaluates your promptness in speaking and use of vocabulary and grammar to express your ideas nonverbally. 

Registration Process

  • Step 1: Visit the Pearson PTE website.
  • Step 2: Create an account by providing your information, including first name, last name, date of birth, etc. Ensure that these personal details are correct. 
  • Step 3: Once completed, you will receive a Registration Confirmation email with sign-in information. 
  • Step 4: Sign into the website again and click Book a test. Navigate to PTE Academic UKVI type. Search the nearest test center and book the time.
  • Step 5: Pay the PTE exam fee and finalize the booking process.  

Test Requirements

  • Remember to bring a valid identity document, especially a passport. If not, you won’t be allowed to take the test. 
  • You only take the PTE test when you are at least 16 years old. If you are 16-18, please complete and submit a parental consent form. 
  • Don’t bring phones to the testing room; every mobile device is not allowed when entering there.  

Score Requirements

The PTE result will be updated after 5 business days. You’ll likely receive an email with instructions, and you need to follow those guidelines to check your PTE score. 

If you are a student and want to pursue an academic career in the UK, you must gain at least a 43 PTE score. This is for the student visa (formerly Tier 4 General student visa) below degree level. 

For the student visa—degree level and above, 59 is the minimum PTE score. 

Normally, UK universities require a PTE score of 51-60 overall for undergraduate programs. The range can be 57-67 overall if you aim for postgraduate programs. 

Some renowned universities, such as Cardiff University, SOAS University of London, and University College London, set an even higher score range (70-80). 

This is to ensure that international students can comprehend academic-advanced information in English. 

6 Benefits Of Taking The PTE Academic UKVI

Below are several benefits that you will likely reap when taking the PTE Academic UKVI test. 

  • Higher education: The PTE Academic UKVI is widely accepted by numerous educational institutions and organizations in the UK. It’s also used as proof of language proficiency for visa applications. 
  • Convenience: The PTE Academic UKVI test is convenient, as you can book a test online within minutes. Test centers are available in various countries with flexible schedules year-round.
  • Quick result: The delivery of PTE results is fast, usually taking 5 business days to complete. This facilitates your visa or citizenship application process. 
  • Great accuracy: The PTE Academic UKVI is computer-based and uses automated scoring to ensure fairness and accuracy. 
  • Thorough assessment: The test assesses the candidate’s skills in four aspects: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This provides a comprehensive evaluation of your language proficiency. 
  • Practical English: All test questions are designed to resonate with real-life scenarios. For that reason, candidates can effectively function and communicate with others in an English-speaking environment. 

PTE Academic vs PTE Academic UKVI vs PTE Home – What Is the Difference?

PTE Academic vs. PTE Academic UKVI

Both are nearly identical regarding their test content, format, eligibility, etc. However, as presented above, they slightly differ in the test-taking purposes.

Indeed, people taking the PTE Academic UKVI are likely to prepare for their General student visas. Otherwise, they’re planning to study below degree level.

But if you aim for a Work visa, you might need other requirements apart from the PTE Academic UKVI. Some include an innovator visa or a start-up visa.

PTE Academic UKVI vs. PTE Home

These two are legally used for student or settlement visas. In other words, the UK Home Office approves both of them.

Yet, the PTE Home only assesses listening and speaking skills, unlike the PTE Academic UKVI with the four-part format. In this case, the PTE Home doesn’t evaluate your language proficiency as comprehensively as the PTE Academic UKVI.

As it only evaluates 2 skills, the result’s delivery is quicker than the PTE Academic UKVI. You only wait about 2 days instead of 5 days.

7 Expert Tips to Pass The PTE Academic UKVI

Practice is the key to winning the PTE test

Understand The PTE Academic UKVI Test

You must understand the format of the PTE Academic UKVI test and prepare for questions that will likely arise. This way, you will familiarize yourself with the test and won’t feel confused if you cannot understand the query.

Take The Mock Tests Several Times

Numerous candidates undervalue the importance of mock tests. This doesn’t seem right, as practicing mock tests helps you grasp the test’s structure and comprehend its flow.

Besides, some mock tests even provide questions that are 99% the same as those in a real test. You can also get used to the time strains, relieving some pressure on the exam date.

Suppose you don’t know where to explore reliable mock tests. In that case, visit the PTE Magic website, which has abundant PTE mock tests and other materials.

Prepare Various Topics To Write And Speak

Writing and speaking are difficult, as you must use all of your knowledge about vocabulary and grammar. Preparing topics is a good way to enrich your understanding.

There are some challenging topics, such as astrology or science. You can learn new words or grammar structures through dramas, podcasts, and documentaries. They are all free on YouTube but very effective.

Never Use Templates To Structure Your Answer

Despite saving time, memorizing a fixed template is not recommended. Doing so, you might become overly dependent on those same old structures.

Using templates could hinder your creativity. In addition, you can easily forget the sentence template if you get butterflies in your stomach during the test.

Express The Meaning On Your Own

Another great method is to express the sample in your own words. Instead of purposelessly surfing the Internet, you can look at some interesting captions and re-interpret them on your own.

This way, you not only improve your interpretational skills but also upgrade your reactions when encountering a new English sentence.

Improve Your Critical And Logical Thinking

Critical and logical thinking is one of the most vital factors behind a high PTE score. It influences the way you think up and re-order your ideas when expressing nonverbally and verbally.

Of course, examiners will love a highly structured and understandable paragraph or speech rather than an illogical one, right?

Be Patient And Never Give Up

The journey to winning the PTE’s challenge is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, you really crave giving up and feel disappointed about yourself.

At that time, take a relaxing nap to recharge your battery, and then go back to study. Always calm down and be patient, even if you make lots of mistakes. Keep practicing, and you will achieve your dream!


This article has provided deeper insights into the PTE Academic UKVI, a real challenge for all language learners.

However, once you conquer this stumbling block, you’ll feel content with it and proud of yourself. So keep practicing and never give up. You can do it!

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